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Naskah Drama Dinasti versi original


At that August 6, 1993 basic leadership training activities (LDK) activities in a private school ...
Ruli: "Anyway you should not be too late tomorrow. At 5 am must already exist in school "
Syihab: "Correct. Beware if late!
Remember, you should not be spoiled!. Understand!
Junior: "Yes. understand. "

In the OSIS room
Zakky: "So how do sir? About the budget that we asked?
Ikin: "No way, schools can not spend that much money for things that are not important."
Opi: "Why so, Sir? You can’t do it, in our opinion this event is a very important event "
Neni: "Anyway, this event must go on whatever the circumstances."
Ikin: "It's up to you guys, I do not care."

The coach (Ikin) laugh satisfaction of seeing the design of fund  that he will corrupte.
Ikin: "This budget proposal from children, please be approved"
Hengki: "Well, It's his money.

Senior was in a meeting
Sihab: "There is agreement or not by him this event must remain."
Opi: "What about budget? It is impossible to walk without any money. "
Zakky: "I have an idea, Why do not we ask the funds directly to the chairman of the foundation."
Neni: "It is not possible, Let us, the headmaster will not be given."
Ruli: "Nothing is impossible, we must try."

The next day, the event committee was to meet the coach again.
Sihab: "Good afternoon sir,"
Ikin: "Good afternoon! What is it?
Sihab: "sorry to distrub you, our proposal have been corrected."
Ikin: "Well, give it to me. Well then, I'll give you money .
But only 50%. "
Zaki: "Why Only 50% !"
Ikin: "or not at all."
Neni: "But sir, we made this proposal has been very minimal, you should not be difficult fund oh activities while the funds collected so much.
Ikin: "Shut up! 50% or not at all
Sihab: "(Whispering in Ruli) Never mind that we have significant revenue."
Ruli: "But we need a lot of money!
Zakky: "Rather than not at all. Is not it better 50%. "
Ruli: "Well I agree."
Sihab: "well sir we agree."
Ikin: "Ok, from earlier so! It's his money. "
Sihhab: "Thank you sir."
Ikin: "remember you must make a report to us!"

The committee left the Mr Ikin’s room.
Neni: "(Whispering in Opi) corruptor, Why he became a teacher?.
Opi: "Do not talk like that here, fortunately he did not hear. We're talking about it in OSIS room only. "

Ayu, Ita and Eti is a friend from junior high school. They are chatting in the school canteen.
Ayu: "Hmmmm ... .. I’m very regret about this school, its facility is so bad, its cost is expensive, the seniors are fierce. Disgusting. Moreover, with the senior who has name Neni .. "
Ita: "Yes, I agree with you, especially she often close Sihab."
Eti: "You like Syihab, Ta? "
Ita: "(with shame) Why not ... Who don’t like with the senior who is so cool."
Ayu: "Yeah, I agree, he's smart, handsome, sweet, chairman of the council again."
Eti: "oh ... we're a junior, do not make a weird . then we get yelled at senior.
Ayu: "if you had eaten, let's go to class, We'll be late later"
Ita: "Yes, Wait a minute,"
Eti: "how cost everything "
Ratu: "3 cups meatball is 15.000, 3 glasses of sweet iced tea is 3000 and chips is 2000. so it was all 20 000 "
Ayu: "This is its money, thank you
Ratu: "this is the change neng, thank you."
Ita: "Come on Mrs, we go to class first."
Ratu: " ... Now the student who study here is child of the rich man.
It is now the school is not oriented to the quality of education. Only for economic motives.

in the Field ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Eko: "To all the candidates for student council board, please come together in count ten. 1,2,3, ... .10. "
Opi: "listen to me seriously! We have an announcement for you. "
Neni: "Tonight this week you will be inducted into the new student council committee, therefore, you must comply with the regulations of activities that we have made, can be understood!"
Junior: "Ready!"
Ruli: "here you should be able to work together in teams. We have for you in 2 groups.
Syihab: "Ok, now that I call,please move to right of me. Ayu, Eti, Ita, Anga, Faisal.
You group 1, and the remaining group 2.
Zakky: "Now your job is to make it interesting article about the school, accompanied by concrete facts." Understand.
Junior: "Ready, understand!"

In front of the class ... ... ...
Nafis: "hi ... do you think where we can get the facts for our article?"
Leni: "Why do not we just look for the teacher?"
Nining: "Meaning?"
Leni: "we can get the facts from the data that we can, of course, associated with this school."
Nining: "All right, let's we concept of what we should do first."
Eko: "I think that first we have to do is determine the subject."
Leni: "What if now we put a tape recorder in Mr Hengky’s room and Mr Ikin’s room?" From there we can get a lot of facts.
Nafis: "a brilliant idea! Ok, next Saturday night we put the tape recorder, I and Leni put it in Mr Hengky’s room  and others to the room Mr Ikin.
How's that? "
Nining: "yes .. yes .. I agree. "

On the basketball field, while three warriors of school are training. Iin, Ayu, Ita, Eti shouting their encouragement. Meanwhile, Widiya and Faly were closing them when they finished training.
Faly close to Aziz.
Faly: "Beiby ... ..
You must be tired .. come here I wipe the sweat you, honey .. oh yes, I  bring a softdrink for you. "
Aziz: "Thanks Beib ... you really care ... you are very beautiful today..
Faly: "Thanks beiby ...."

In the meantime ..
Iin: "(As she opened the Firman’s bag) Well, there are chocolale ..
you are very kind .. Why you don’t tell that you buy chocolalte for me? "
Word: "Um ..
Um .. you can take it if you want .. "
Iin: "Loh, why if I want? You buy this chocolate for me, aren’t you? "
Word: (while leaving Iin) "sorry I am busy, there were still matters."
Iin: ugh .. really annoying the hell, watch out if discovered dating as juniors! I will piece your head! "

In the school canteen during rest ...
Eti: "Uh ... about the duties from seniors, how is it?"
Ayu: "Oh .. yes, I understand that the first group makes an article about  teachers and discuss about their conflicts . "
Ita: "If so, we take the theme of the model student, how?"
Ayu: "Yeah, it must be the inspiration of all students."
Faisal: "What's interesting?  the model student life only on the books, learn, libraries, achievements. "
Ratu : "what will you order, neng?"
Eti: " five bowls of meatball and five cups of ice juice, but for me not be given sauce, give a lot of chili, the water is not too much."
Anga: "You really fussy Et,, Why you don’t buy one bowl of chili!
Ita: "yeah she is Eti.
Queen: " Wait a minute De ..."
Anga: "take it easy Bu.
Ok, I agree with the opinion of Ita. We also need to know if the clever child never experienced difficulty in learning. "
Ita: "Who are our main target?"
Faisal: "What if Mba Alpiyah, he's the winner of the National Chemistry Olympiad,"
Eti: "I agree, but he was too quiet and introverted.
Ayu: "Then we investigate quietly."
Angga: "How do I? If pairs of recorder mini is also not possible, where we can put it and would get caught. "
Ita: "Then follow him and record what he was talking about,"
Ayu: "Ok, this afternoon we follow him after school."

Team 2 to perform an action to put a tape recorder according to the task, while Team 1 follow Alpiyah without dialogue.
In front of school gates Alpiyah meet Nili.
Alpiyah: O nili .. have you gone home? "
Nili: "yes. I’m waiting for Mr. Heri. "
Alpiyah: "cie .... There is relating between you and Mr Heri. "
Nili: "Ah .. Don’t say like that .. I consider Mr Heri is my teacher . Nothing more. Furthermore  we are neighbors, so it is not strange if I go home with Mr Heri. "
Alpiyah: "yeah .. sorry
but in my opinion, Mr Heri like you. See Mr. Heri come "
Heri: (Mr Heri come with bike) Alpiyah, Let's go home first.
Nili: (While riding motorcycles Mr Heri) See you tomorrow Al.
Alpiyah: Yes ..

From Far Syihab looked Alpiyah.
Suddenly Widiya come.
Widiya: "Why you luuk at Alpiyah so serious?"
Sihab: "Uh ..
Not .. Okay okay! "
Widia: " there is no event Saturday night? Why do not we watch? "
Sihab: " Saturday night? there was a event in school honey, how about next week?"
Widiya: "Hmm ..
Ok, but you know the consequences if you're cheating? "
Sihab: "yes I know"
After Widiya go Sihab call Alpiyah he give something to Alpiyah.

The next day, Team 2 ask Nili.
Nafis: "Excuse me mba, we wanted to ask."
Nili: "Yes, About ?"
Leny: "Mba, mba Alpiyah is your close friends, isn’t she?"
Nili: "Yes, why?"
Nining: "But this very secret mba don’t tell it to everyone."
Nili: "yes, you intend to ask me, aren’t you?"
Eko: "do not be angry mba, we want to know all about the other side Alpiyah, which is about the relationship Alpiyah and Mr Ikin."
Nili: "what you mean, Why if Alpiyah know that I brek in her secret."
Nafis: " don’t be afraid, we will not tell if we get this information for you."
Nili finally tell all about relationships between Alpiyah and Mr Ikin.

On Saturday night Team 2 took the recording room of Mr. Muslihin, they were surprised by the results they get.
They immediately reported to senior. Senior surprise and sent them away.
Ayu: "good evening!"
Opi: "good evening, how can I help you ?"
Ita: "We just want to give our article, we also provide these records as proof."
Neni: "it turns out, my guess is correct.
Thanks, Ok de .. you go there "
Ayu: "Yes kak!"
Opi: "We recommend recordings should not be publicized."
Ruli: "Why do not we publish it, so that everyone knows the truth.
Zakky: "but this is very high risk.
Neni: "then what should we do, I'm already fed up with the guy."
Sihab: "we better keep this record for the sake of the good name of the school."
Ruli: "You're afraid, Hab?
Why fear that for the truth "
Zakky: "it's rul, we are better according with the chairman."
Sihab: "Never mind, I just do not allow anyone to publish this article!"

After that  Team 2 come to give their article.
Eko: "excuse me mas, we wish give our article,"
Zakky: "yes, yes thank you."
Neni and Ruli suddenly seized articles is in the zakky’s hand.
Neni: "Here I want to read!"
Zakky: " be respectful mba!"
Neni: "He was corrupt and the Playboy"
Ruli: "What kind of teacher he is!"
Sihab: " be patient mas, will also be revealed."
Opi: "yes, the truth must win."
Zakky: " Don’t chat it, it’s not important, let's start the event!"

Events physical and mental development council board candidates begins ..

All about Mr Ikin began to unfold, teachers began to know.
Heri: "good day sir!
What are you doing sir? "
Ayip: "Oh .. I'm correcting the results of tests of children. What is it sir? Can I help you? "
Heri: "hehe ..
I just wanted to share a little information. "
Ayip: "What information about ?"
Heri: "I don’t like with Mr Ikin."
Ayip: "so what, you do not gossip!"
Heri: "This fact Sir, many reasons, first he was flirtatious, according students he love with Alpiyah, the National Chemistry Olympic champion.

Soon after Mrs. Ria, Mr Dinar, Mr. Deni and Mrs Leli join chat
Ria: "well sir, I also saw Mr Ikin take a walk with Alpiyah on the Mall yesterday."
Dinar: "not only that Mom, According to the school finances, said Mr Ikin was always corrupt some of the budget OSIS and Ekstakurikuler activity.
Deni: " poor students, they are struggling to hold a school event but…."
Laely: "Please sir, do not bad think so, not good. God all-knowing.
Deni: "yes I agree, moreover, he is Mr Hengky trust, we can not do much.
Ria: "but if he is connive, pure student, futhermore Alpiyah, her achievement will go down.
Dinar: "yes. Mr Ikin is people do not know myself. Old man still like to play teenager "

Mr Hengky came suddenly

Laly: "ssttt .. there is Mr Hengky!
Heng: "good afternoon Sir. Mom!"
All: "good day sir!"
Heng: "tomorrow there is inaugurate new board of OSIS. All must be present.
Laely: "yes sir. Of course.

Monday, August 9, 1993 Governing the new council was inaugurated, with chairman Anga Cahyadi, while it Sihab and his friends out of their office with still carrying the burden because they do not dare to reveal the crimes Mr Ikin.  Can Angga and his friends reveal it ... ... ... ... ... .... 

Catatan : Manuskrip ini belum dikoreksi Pak Saef

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